Seaside Readership Festival in Gdynia

Seaside Readership Festival in Gdynia is a three-day event which is a great opportunity for residents and tourists to get to know the offer of well-known publishing houses, to purchase books at attractive prices, and above all to meet your favorite authors in person.

The event has been organized since 2012, always on the last weekend of July. The organizer of this festival is the city of Gdynia, a content partner is the Book Fair company and the executive organizer Murator EXPO - the executive organizer of the Warsaw Book Fair. Among the most important patrons of the event are Stewards of the City and the Region : Wojciech Szczurek, Mayor of Gdynia, Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship, and numerous organizations and institutions related to the book industry.

Calendar of events