The Fair

Murator EXPO, present on the market since 2002, ranks among the top organizers of trade fairs in Poland, both in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors as well as the quality of provided services.


The largest international events in the Murator EXPO offer are the Warsaw Book Fair and the WIND and WATER Boat Shows.

The first of the above mentioned events, organized by the company Book Fair in cooperation with  Murator EXPO as the executive organizer, has achieved the fourth position in the European rankings of publishing events, after the Book Fair in Frankfurt, London and Paris. It has been held since 2013, along with the Warsaw Book Fair and Academic and Science Book Fair ACADEMIA.

The companies Book Fair and Murator EXPO work very dynamically on the promotion of Polish books and reading activity in Poland. They are the organizers of Warsaw Book Fair,  the largest fair event in Poland in terms of the number of exhibitors, but also Literary Park in Szczecin “Discover the Book Anew”, Seaside Readership Festival in Gdynia as well as Silesian Book Fair in Katowice. Summing up, in 2017, 1 110 exhibitors, 1 190 authors and over 145 000 visitors participated in these events.


The WIND and WATER Boat Shows are the largest events in Central Europe for representatives of the yacht industry and lovers of water sports and recreation.

Murator EXPO's experience and knowledge in the field of creating and effective development of projects promoting the yacht industry and water sports have an enormous impact on a successful organization of the WIND and WATER Boat Show in Warsaw with a fifteen-year tradition, strengthening its position on the domestic and global market as well as creation of the summer edition of the open air event in Gdynia which has been the only such event of major importance in Poland for over 10 years. Murator EXPO means in itself a continuous development- in 2016, the first edition of the Silesian WIND and WATER Boat Show took place in Katowice. Summing up, only in 2017, 750 exhibitors and 53 000 visitors participated in these events.


The offer is complemented by the, a website created by Murator EXPO for enthusiasts of water sports and recreation on water as well as for those planning to buy equipment or  interested in obtaining comprehensive information about new products and events in the industry.


New HOUSE, New APARTMENT Housing Fair is the largest fair event in the broadly understood real estate market. The exhibition part is always supplemented with a substantive program: lectures, specialist advice, reports on the housing market with the current offer of apartments, houses and loans in individual voivodships.

So far, over 60 editions of the New HOUSE, New APARTMENT  Housing Fair have been held in Warsaw. In 2015, Murator EXPO began organizing trade fairs under this brand in Tricity and Wroclaw. Summing up, in 2017, 826 exhibitors and nearly 71 000 visitors participated in these events.


The Murator EXPO fair offer is supplemented by the website which, in addition to current information about coming fairs, offers a wide range of apartments from the primary market, a functional real estate search engine, a list of development companies and housing cooperatives with all the information necessary for those looking for a new place.


Calendar of events


11th Warsaw Book Fair

PGE National Stadium, Warsaw


14th Academic and Science Book Fair ACADEMIA

PGE National Stadium, Warsaw


15th WIND and WATER on Water Boat Show in Gdynia

Port Marina Gdynia, Gdynia


9th Seaside Readership Festival

Feliks Nowowiejski Seaside Boulevard, Gdynia